Tuesday, April 24, 2018

A bit of sun and the buying club is open

Hi friends!
Time to open the buying club!! Farmer Joan says open it up, so, here we go! Nice to see the sun after some really depressing weather, bits and pieces of warm weather to be followed by cold and nasties.

 Oh Well. We move forward!

Special thanks to Stacy, Ken and Annie for their help today as we went hard at planting. With the weather being how it's been, really tough to get the season started. But we move forward. So far, garlic, scallions, peas, carrots. beets, spinach, lettuce, and Asian greens are in the soil. Of course with lots of compost and kelp meal!

Word around the house is rest and rehab. Rest rest and rest! Stuck in traffic doing the Phila. Dr. run, gotta expect that. Trying our best to stay away from the "Big Yellow" bed and breakfast in Danville. So far so good!

Again, your support is huge.

New to the buying club are a few early herbs and a small harvest of salad greens. Get it while it's there, great tasting stuff as we have been taste testing here at the farm.

Time to rest up for Tuesday, for more planting, as Wednesday and on looks like just a box of rain. But a box of rain will ease the pain, and love will see you you thru. Be well friends, your support is huge.
CSA is moving forward, peeps arrived this week for chicken shares, our farm is strong with community support!

Keep the love and support coming, we feel it over here!
Farmer Don

Snowy March News

Hi Friends,
A quick note. No more snow please, 5 1/2 inches Monday morning. Thankfully almost all melted by night time. Now today a cold rain. Pooooop. Oh, the sun will shine in our back door someday.
Buying club is open this week for weekend deliveries, Farmer Phil and Aunt Joan said open it up. So, here we go. Lot's of eggs, pork and chicken as well some storage veggies left for sale. Close to getting leafy veggies out into the field. They'll need sun to grow, so let's push for that.
Farm work is mostly seeding. Our college friend Annie was up over the weekend and a big help with seeding and finishing the peas. Stacy's first day of the season is today in the seed house seeding many tomato trays. And Ken is out also helping on the seeding and some other farm projects as well. Nice to have the extra hands!
The brains of the operation, Joan, is feeling better and working from her home office on a limited basis. Helps her to keep her mind busy. So, so nice to be home. Some rehab this week, excited and nervous all at the same time. Trying to take things slow and build our health back up.
Thanks to everyone for the support. Tell your friends 2018 CSA is still open but filling fast.
Be well!
Farmer Don