Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Buying Club Open for This Weekend and Farm News

Hi Friends!
A quick update from the farm!
I hope you were able to feel the sun yesterday or will be able to get out a little today to catch the sun. What a relief after many days of clouds and rain. With the warmer weather coming daily, the farm is a busy place, mostly in the seed house, but also the high tunnel, field clean up and a rebuild on the second chicken coop. Our seed houses are filling up quickly and transplants are growing nicely. Right now veggies we have seeded include Bok Choi, Broccoli, Brussels Sprouts, Collard Greens, Kale, Kalettes, Leaf Lettuce, Salad lettuce, Kohlrabi, Radicchio, Scallions, Spinach, Mustard, Swiss Chard, Komatsuna and High tunnel Tomatoes. Were really excited to have so many starts on the way and are hoping for a mild March so we can be able to get into the ground.
Today, with the nice weather all day, we'll mostly be outside doing field clean up after the transplants get a good watering. I'm still waiting to turn the outside water system on, at least until those overnight temps warm up a little. So, we haul buckets of water from the house out to the seed houses which makes for a major chore. Soon this burden will ease up!
A sure sign of spring here on the farm is always the increased predator pressure. Yesterday, the dogs and I woke to a fox chasing chickens all around the lower yard down here by the house. Luckily, Rose took to the chase and ran the fox off with no chicken casualties. Time to keep the hens shut up overnight and not out in the morning until the coast is clear. Some of you may remember last spring when the farmer was fighting a chicken eating raccoon. So far no coon, but the fox is around. Another sign of spring is the geese, large flocks flying overhead, including the all white snow geese. A beautiful sight.
On the home front, Farmer Joan continues to improve, while still trying to catch her breath. We're taking baby steps and setting small daily goals to get ready for some upcoming therapy which will hope will have her ready for the summer. All the prayers and well wishes are working! Thank you, thank you for the support!
Lastly, I wanted to say we will be doing a buying club this week. The order window is open and ready for orders. Hoping soon to have some greens to add to the options. And 2018 CSA memberships are still available. We will probably lower the amount of memberships we make available, so let your friends know. Thanks again gor the support!
Be well,
Farmer Don

Tuesday, February 13, 2018

News and Buying Club is Open for this weekend.

Hi Friends!
It is nice to touch base with our community once again! Thoughts, prayers and well wishes really helped us through a rough stretch there. After a ten day hospital run, we have Joan back home and starting to feel somewhat better. Just to be home means so much. Still a long road to go as we push for a healthier life. Thank you for all the support out there, it meant and means the world to us!
So, with the boss home and feeling better, the farmer has opened the buying club for orders this weekend, Friday Feb. 16th and Saturday Feb. 17th. Hopefully the weather will cooperate and allow us to deliver the goods.
Around the farm we are starting to feel the need to get up and going. The seed house is up and running, the germination chamber is full and excitement is building for the 2018 growing season. Many vegetables growing in the seed house right now, including scallions, lettuce, spinach, kale, celery, parsley with more kale and broccoli in the warm germination chamber. As a bonus, many cut flower varieties are in the germination chamber also, had some seeds so we'll give the flowers a run. Two weeks and we'll be into March, a big month for growers, a month that can be spring like or winter like such as last year with the big snow dump in the middle of the month. Oh well, just a wait and see situation. In the mean time we learn from our issues last winter to improve systems this winter. Always learning, always changing, always growing!
Another thanks to everyone who has signed up for 2018 CSA. I will be adding the early sign up members to the website soon. But in the mean time, thanks again for the support, tell your friends, Dancing Hen Farm is open for 2018 sign ups and come out and say hi at our buying club sites.
Farmer Don

CSA is Open Alive and Well

Hi Friends!
Just a quick couple of notes here. Number one - thank you to all our friends who have signed up for 2018 and are continuing the journey into sustainable agriculture with us! Knowledge and experience grow each year we are able to share the harvest with our friends and supporters! As I've said many time in the past, we couldn't do it with out you!!
Speaking of knowledge, I'm off to Hershey next week for the annual Fruit and Growers Convention. Many applicable workshops and of learning to be had. Looking forward to catching up with some of my grower friends and sharing notes and ideas to keep the wheels rolling.
The farm is enjoying the break from the really cold weather a few weeks back. This has allowed us to start up the seed house. Had to tweak the germination chamber a little, and will continue to do this until I'm really happy with the system, but boy it's fun these sunny days to be out in the "farmer Don man cave" with seeds, warm soil, barn cats, the dogs coming and going, bluegrass on the juke box, and dreams of fresh veggies around the corner. Next up is get one of the seed tables set up so farmer Joan and farmer Don can play some cards out in the cave.
And also I need to send a thanks out to all the support Farmer Joan has received from our community in the past few weeks. Can't say how much this means to us here on the farm to know we're not alone as we go through a small rough patch. Keep your good vibes, prayers and well wishes coming our way as we can feel these raise us up in tough times. Again, friends it's all about community!! And from us, love, hugs and good wishes are bouncing back to all of you! Be well!
Finally, I can announce that we are up and running for 2018 CSA sign ups. Right now early bird discounts end on the 31st but I may extend this into February. Gotta consult with the brains behind the organization to get her approval!
Time to poach some salmon and put it over some salad, simple dinner but good. Chicken fried rice worked well last nice, and hey we have some nice chicken ready to go so stay in touch with the buying club.
Thanks again for the support, be well,
Farmer Don