Monday, November 25, 2019

Happy Thanksgiving!

Greetings from Dancing Hen Farm!

Happy Thanksgiving!

Farmer Don and I wanted to thank everyone who came out this weekend to support the farm through our buying club.  Farmers Don and Phil had a good day sharing our harvest and greeting our customers.  I have said repeatedly, our farm would not exist without the continued support of you, our customers.

December is getting a bit crazy for us, so we are not certain we will be able to offer another buying club before the first of the year.  However, if you need anything, please contact us at the farm and we will work at getting the product to you.  We do have a good supply of pork and chicken right now, and a limited supply of eggs.  Depending on the weather, we may also have some greens available.  Please email the farm with your requests.

Even though we are busy, the farm is still settling in for winter, recovery mode.  For the most part our fields are all in rest mode until next spring and other then our laying hens we have no farm animals right now..  Our laying hens have responded to the shorter day length by decreasing their egg production.  Farmer Don and I are enjoying less time spent on chores and  more time to spend in the kitchen and catching up on our reading.  Even the dogs are low key, spending more time sleeping in the sun then running the farm.  

We will be spending a very quiet Thanksgiving with family.  Thanks will be given for our harvest meal and another year together.  And of course, we will be eating turkey!  The star of the meal, turkey, was raised, on pasture, by a past Dancing Hen Farm employee.  Some of you may remember Farmer Matt from the Back Mountain Farmers market.  Matt, Farmer Phil's brother, now works on a farm/plantation in Virginia.  He arrived in town, during yesterday's snow, with a farm fresh turkey for our meal! 

We wish everyone a very Happy Thanksgiving.  Hopefully your table will be overflowing with the harvest meal and surrounded by those you love.

Tuesday, November 19, 2019

Buying Club Ordering Open

Greetings from Dancing Hen Farm! 

I am happy to announce that our winter buying club will be open for delivery this weekend.  Ordering will is now open for the buying club and will  close on Thursday (11/21) at 5 am.  Deliveries and pick-ups will be this weekend.  Pick up sites and times are listed on our website.  Contact the farm if you have questions

ATTENTION BLOOMSBURG Buying Club members:  We are still determining when we will be getting product to you.  If you place an order, we will contact you directly, either by email or phone to coordinate.  Again, contact the farm if you have questions.

A quick note on our winter buying club, for those of you new to this option.  Our winter buying club is a pay as you go option.  You will meet us at a designated location, pay for your purchases and pick up your items.  We also will need to activate your account before you can order, so please allow us time to do so.  I usually check our website several times during the day when ordering is taking place.  As always, contact the farm with any questions.

So what can you find on this week's buying club.  We are happy to say we have a good supply of 2019 Dancing Hen Farm Apple Orchard pork.  Most cuts of pork are now available, but be aware we sell out of some of the popular items very quickly.  Farmer Don tells me the hams this year are in larger, perfect for a ham dinner.  We also have a good supply of Dancing Hen Farm Pasture Raised chicken and eggs.  Despite the super cold temperatures, we are still harvesting some greens and Farmer Don has made a small harvest of greens available.  Again, first come.

Although not on our buying club, we do have a source for pasture raised ducks.  These ducks are being raised by a family friend.  Please contact us for more information or if you are interested in reserving a duck for the holidays.

Speaking of the cold, it is hard to believe that we have already seen single digit temperatures here on farm.  I am not complaining, as it seems we had some really beautiful days to mark the end of October.  With only our laying hens and a few shivering rows of vegetables to tend to, life is slowing down.  Now we will settle in for the winter! 

On farm, winter is a time for healing, resting and reflecting.  We will soon have our annual business meeting to discuss last season and make plans for next season.  This is an official meeting between Farmer Don and I.  We schedule a time and even type up and follow an agenda.  We always welcome feed-back and suggestions, so if you feel inclined, please send us your comments.

As always, thank you for your support of not only our small family farm, but sustainable and local agriculture.