Tuesday, February 13, 2018

News and Buying Club is Open for this weekend.

Hi Friends!
It is nice to touch base with our community once again! Thoughts, prayers and well wishes really helped us through a rough stretch there. After a ten day hospital run, we have Joan back home and starting to feel somewhat better. Just to be home means so much. Still a long road to go as we push for a healthier life. Thank you for all the support out there, it meant and means the world to us!
So, with the boss home and feeling better, the farmer has opened the buying club for orders this weekend, Friday Feb. 16th and Saturday Feb. 17th. Hopefully the weather will cooperate and allow us to deliver the goods.
Around the farm we are starting to feel the need to get up and going. The seed house is up and running, the germination chamber is full and excitement is building for the 2018 growing season. Many vegetables growing in the seed house right now, including scallions, lettuce, spinach, kale, celery, parsley with more kale and broccoli in the warm germination chamber. As a bonus, many cut flower varieties are in the germination chamber also, had some seeds so we'll give the flowers a run. Two weeks and we'll be into March, a big month for growers, a month that can be spring like or winter like such as last year with the big snow dump in the middle of the month. Oh well, just a wait and see situation. In the mean time we learn from our issues last winter to improve systems this winter. Always learning, always changing, always growing!
Another thanks to everyone who has signed up for 2018 CSA. I will be adding the early sign up members to the website soon. But in the mean time, thanks again for the support, tell your friends, Dancing Hen Farm is open for 2018 sign ups and come out and say hi at our buying club sites.
Farmer Don

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