Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Our blog still isn't up on our website, but last night Farmer Don wrote his first Farm Ramblings.

A hot day on the farm today, still able to plant 6 trays each of tatsoi and komatsuna. Also seeded our second planting of green beans (doing these every two weeks). Got our first run of summer squash in yesterday. everything is under row cover; our neighbors must think all we grow are white sheets. Also seeded nasturtiums, marigolds, chrysanthiums, and sunflowers. We'll be planting the second run of kale tomorrow with a possible planting of pie pumpkins. We'll watch the weather for Thursday, looks like storms. Our thoughts and prayers are with the folks in Oklahoma. Mother Nature unleashing her fury. We're always in awe as we are completely at her mercy. Time to turn in and rest up for another busy planting day as the Farmer's Almanac rates this week as a great week for planting above the ground. Thanks for your support and stay tuned for more farmer don ramblings!

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