Sunday, November 2, 2014

Apple Orchard Pork

Dancing Hen Farm's Apple Orchard Pastured Pork is now available for sale.  We will be selling whole and half hogs cut and wrapped at a USDA butcher.  At a later date, we will be selling individual cuts through our buying club.

Whole or Half:
The current price is $4.25 per pound, based on hanging weight, the step just before the meat is cut into roasts, chops, etc.  Some hogs are bigger than others.  Average hanging weight should be between 175 and 225 pounds.  Thus, half a hog would cost around $375 to $475 and a whole hog would be $750 to $950.  A half hog would put an average of 70 pounds of meat in your freezer and a whole hog around 140 pounds.  Curing of the hams and bacon and seasoning of the sausage is included in the price.

Due to limited quantities and expected demand, we will be taking orders on a first come/first serve basis, with a deposit to secure to your order.  ($50 deposit on a half pig, cut and packaged and $100 on a whole pig, cut and packaged.)

As always, thank you for your support of our farm and local agriculture.  If you have questions or need additional information, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Dancing Hen Farm

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