Wednesday, July 1, 2020

Mid May Update

Hi friends!
A quick Mid May, May 16th update from the farm! Looks like we've turned the page on the early month cold weather. Finally warm, May weather! Another Saturday work day here on the farm. So far this year, Saturday has turned out to be the day for work parties (this year at social distance). Today tomatoes go in and the peeps move out. The tomatoes are screaming to go into the ground and the peeps (actually little broilers) are ready to live on grass and fresh air. Probably some tractor work today also, to set up more planting. Always trying to plant something this time of the year. Speaking of planting and such, I'm sure many of you are curious about our start up dates. As in the past, our start up is not written in stone. Mother Nature determines that, and this year she's saying have patience and good harvests will follow. So, we are following her advice. Looking at a Mid-June start up. You will be contacted thru e-mail will many more details to come. Hang in there, the harvest will be shared shortly! We're just as excited for the harvest as you are.
Hope every one is well. We're doing okay over here. Joan is Joan and enjoying the lack of work pressure. At the end, her job was very tough on her physically. Not having to do that anymore has been a big relief. And I'm just about 2/3rds of the way through my treatments. Talked to the Drs. this week and they told me what I already knew, that my therapy was some of the most aggressive treatments they give to anybody. Cool, so Farmer Don must have walked in, and they said, " here comes a live one, some farmer guy, let's jack him up real good!" But little did they know I had the farm and the farm community behind me for support!!! Couldn't do this with out the support to hold me up!
Well, time to find some breakfast and get this work day rolling. Again, look for a mid to late June start, the harvest will determine our exact date. But once we get rolling, we go for 18 weeks no stopping unless emergency.
Be well friends, stay safe, be smart, wash your hands and remember the farm is the farmacy!
Farmer Don

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