Monday, July 1, 2013

Week 2 Newsletter

Welcome to Week Two!

We hope you have enjoyed your first share box of the season with many more to come!  Nice to have a dry harvest day today.  Not so nice to see that the deer had enjoyed our lettuce and Swiss Chard overnight.  UGH!  Time for the farmer to sleep out in the field.  I'm thinking my farm aroma would scare any animal away!

And we're into week two of our new choice program.  The farm is still working out some kinks, but for the most part, all systems seem to be fine and dandy.  I really like the reports that come off of the system, plus I am crop walking daily, always  forecasting forward to the next harvest.

Around the farm, a dry out is under way after all the rain last week.  Our crops and our weeds really enjoyed the moisture.  The first run of Asian Greens are finishing out.  We started to harvest bed number two of arugula.  Tomato plants are starting to grow inside the high tunnel and out in the field.  Purple kohlrabi and summer squash should be ready soon.  I am hoping spring broccoli and cabbage will start to head up before the real heat sends them to seed.  Garlic scape cutting will get underway this week and we are hoping some form of garlic will be available for the rest of the season.  Yeah!  I think almost every cooked dish should include garlic!  Basil and Parsley will be the next herbs out followed closely by cilantro and dill.  Speaking of dill, the first run of cucumbers are growing under plastic, with the second seeding going in this week.

As far as this week goes, looks like a big set up to plant.  The seed houses are full of transplants just waiting to get out and enjoy the summer weather.

A quick thanks goes out to the crew, Neil, Lydia and Peter, for their hard work and effort and a special thanks to Paul, just back from Europe, who jumped in and helped to bring in the Monday harvest.

Time to get out and work in the fields.  Forks Market this Saturday.  Hope to see many of you there.

Be safe & Be well!

Farmer Don

I am a choice member, what happens if I forget to log on and pick my veggies?  No fear, you will always receive a box, if you do not choose your weekly items, you will be packed a farmer's choice box.

I am going on vacation, or am unable to pick up my box.  We would ask that you try to find someone else (a friend or neighbor) to pick up your box.  We can also arrange for you to pick up your box early or late on farm or pick up your box at a farmer's market we attend.  All boxes remaining at your pick up site will be donated at the site host's discretion.

I am running late and may not make it to my pick up site by 6.  Please call your site host and see if they can hold your box until the next day or make alternate arrangements for you to pick up.

I would like to come out and visit/tour the farm:  Great!  We love visitors!  We do ask that you call or email us first.  That way we can be certain someone is available to talk with you and give you a tour.

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