Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Week 3 Newsletter

Welcome to Week 3!  And a Happy Independence Day!

The heat is on!  Can someone remind me, why we were so impatient for warm temperatures in March?  We always seem to be talking about the weather here, but so much of what we do revolves around the weather.  And what about our recent string of beautiful weekends?  Looks like that trend will continue this weekend with humidity and temperatures forecast to fall, starting Friday.  Here on farm we could use a good soaking rain.  Thankfully our new well and irrigation system still allows us to keep crops watered. 

A testament to how cool our spring was are our peas.  We are in the real height of our pea harvest and here it is July 4th.  Peas are generally considered a spring crop, with harvest ending closer to the middle of June.  We anticipate lots of snow and snap peas for next week's choice, so get your recipes ready.  Once again we will have a limited number of shelling peas available.  The shelling pea pods are a bit small this year, with fewer peas per pod, but the peas are really sweet.

For week 4, look for the following on the choice.  We will be harvesting our first green snap beans.  Generally our early harvests of a crop are small, but don't worry we have plenty of beans planted.  Watch for them to remain on choice for several weeks.  Cucumbers will also be back on choice and again should remain there for several weeks.  We are continuing to harvest both zucchini and yellow squash.  For all of our salad fans out there, we will also be offering a limited amount of salad mix.  We have had germination and pest pressure problems with our lettuce this year, so bear with us as we nurse our crop to a harvestable size! 

News on the farm.  We received honey bees from a CSA member last weekend.  We are excited to have these pollinators on farm.  We are still busy planting.  This past week we were able to get all of our winter squash planted.  Now we are hoping the row cover we have in place will keep out the beetles!  Speaking of pests, we are continuing to battle groundhogs and deer in our upper fields.  We estimate we lost over 2,000 broccoli plants and just as many cabbage plants to these pests!  We still have our fingers crossed for a small early broccoli harvest.  We will replant both of these crops soon in a lower bed in hopes of a fall harvest.  We have a beautiful second rotation of Asian greens ready to be planted out.  Beets and carrots are sizing up nicely.  Watch for tomatillos to go out starting Week 5.

We had several volunteers on farm last week.  CSA member Amanda spent the day with us working alongside our field crew.  Thank you Amanda.  CSA member Jason, is a regular volunteer around here.  This week he brought a friend and they helped us with a tractor tire in need of repair.  Thank you Jason and Joe! 

A quick note on buying club.  If you have pre-paid for a buying club membership, some extra items are beginning to show up on the buying club list.  These items will be delivered with your CSA box (please make sure you don't have 2 boxes at your CSA site!).  We have chicken available at this time as well.  As we are still working out the logistics of delivery of this perishable item, chickens are currently only available for on farm pick up.  If you would like to order chicken, please contact the farm.  You can still register for the buying club.  Once we receive your $50 membership, we will activate you and you can begin to order extra items.  As you order, the amount is deducted from your account.  Questions?  Contact us at the farm.

We do have a very limited number of shares still available for the 2014 season.  If you know anyone who might be interested, please have them contact us at the farm.

You can find us on the web!  Look for us on facebook and pinterest ( or visit our blog (

Thanks to everyone for returning share boxes!  Boxes are a large expenditure for the farm and we try to re-use them as much as possible.  We also re-use and need egg cartons on farm.

Have a great holiday weekend!

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