Friday, June 29, 2018

2018 CSA Week 2

2018 CSA week 2
Good Morning Friends!
A soggy start to this morning, big storms late last night, loud thunder, must've had the animals unnerved. I know I was and I was in the house.
Hope everyone is enjoying the week two harvest as we move into week three. Shelling peas will join the harvest this week. They have finally filled out and look nice. Snap peas and snow peas are slowing down as we picked them over pretty hard the past two weeks. Squash is trying to grow bigger and the cucumbers continue to look good, but fruit production has been slow. I'm really happy with sungold tomatoes in our high tunnel. Lot's of early fruit on the vine. And the big news moving forward looks to be the hot weather. All of the heat loving crops will be in growing heaven while the greens will need a shade cloth cover. Nothing we can't handle as we have lots of shade cloth and will run irrigation water at night to avoid evaporation.
I'd like to introduce a new helper on the farm, Nancy. She will be doing our delivery driving with Farmer Phil in the navigation seat. Really a big job and this will free me up to have a full farm day to grow the harvest. Some of you may remember Lydia, our intern from years past. Lydia, Farmer Phil and I would do the market in Dallas and Lydia was the author of our Nutritional Newsletter a few years ago. Nancy is Lyds mom, and Nancy is the grower behind "Nancy's Flowers" that we sell at the Back Mountain Memorial Library Market. So look for Nancy and Farmer Phil out and about on Tuesdays delivering the harvest. Give them a big thumb up and a thanks for the help.
Time to wrap up, head out and tend to the farm. Remember the website opens at 6pm tonight for choice. We still have some slots open for the late joiners, though egg shares are probably sold out. Stay cool in the heat and have a safe and fun 4th of July.
Finally, the heart of the farm, my wife Joan, continues to feel a little better each day and is getting out of the house a little more. It was nice to see her be able to share in our tasting event last Sunday at the Blind Pig Kitchen. Thanks to all of our supporters who made it out to join us and a big thanks to Toby and Sarah for making it happen. Farm to Table at it's best.
Be well friends,
Farmer Don

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