Friday, June 15, 2018

Updates and News

Hi Friends,
Getting a late notice out to stay in touch. Very busy on the farm right now. Weather has been very cool at night with some days sunny and other with rain. Planning around the weather for us is huge right now. Grass and weeds seem to like this kind of weather. Constantly mowing. Crops are coming along nicely. Some like this weather and others grow a little slower. Bill the cat is trying to help type this newsletter, folks with cats will understand. So, choice starts this Thursday, June 14th, 6pm. Set your clocks. Lot's of greens to start off with, and hopefully some early season surprises. Fruiting crops are a few weeks behind, so peas and summer squash will probably be on week two, maybe a small sampling for week one. Lot's to come your way. And, get those pickling jars ready, as the cucumber plants look really nice, should expect a nice harvest. Fennel and beans will be a few weeks out, but really excited about our plantings there. Had to replace probably 1000 tomato plantings as our early young plants were taken out by a worm or mouse under the plastic cover.....very frustrating. Life on the farm, Sun Golds look great in the high tunnel.. YEA!!!! Farmer Don's favorite!
So, time to get some rest. Baby pullets coming to the farm tomorrow, long trip to Lancaster County for pick up. But, many eggs to come later in the season.
A couple shout outs: Thanks to Stacy, Annie, Ken and Jason for their help keeping the farm running this spring. Their help has been huge this spring. Blyss up at Cornell, Jane in for the summer and Lyds out in Montana were also very helpful as well. Can't say enough about the community that surrounds us and helps us to share the harvest. This is all about community. I'll repeat that, We are all about COMMUNITY. YOU SUPPORT US, and we are ready to return that support with a share of the harvest!
Next, and a huge part of our love, life and farm, Joan has felt the support and well wishes from all of you and is on a really nice upswing, breathing a lot easier and generally feeling soooooo much better. Still on the mend, but her recovery from this winter has the farm feeling the good vibes! Now we keep health and nurturing going and hoping all will be well as we move forward.
Finally, Chef Toby and Sarah over at the Blind Pig in Bloomsburg want me to put a reminder out there. The Dancing Hen Farm dinner at Blind Pig will be Sunday, June 24th. A chance to enjoy our harvest cooked by Toby and served in the ambiance of the Blind Pig Kitchen.
Be well, friends! The harvest is coming soon!
Thanks again for your support!

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