Wednesday, March 18, 2020

Buying Club, March 21st, 2020 is OPEN, Safely sharing the harvest!

Wednesday March 18, 2020 4:39 am
Hi Friends,
A couple of quick notes.
Number one - thank you for all the love, prayers, good vibes and support sent our way. Joan and I can feel the healing power! My pathology came back clear, 90 lymph nodes removed and only 1 was/had involvement. Cool! We move forward with strength and resolve toward regeneration!
Number two - I have opened the buying club for orders. The caveat is we will only be offering ON-FARM PICK-UP of all orders. With efforts in place to control this virus by trying to flatten the curve (ie less interaction between us all), on farm pick up will be a safe method for us to share the harvest with you. Our systems here on farm involve self pick up from our walk-in cooler which is located out back directly behind our farmhouse. Your orders will be packed in labeled boxes. We will have a cash box in the cooler for check or cash payment. For now the farm will be able to provide Apple Orchard Pork, Pastured Poultry, Free range Eggs, Salmon from "Wild for Salmon" and some potatoes and onions. We can wave to you from the windows, a quick "hi" from the porch, but limited interaction, safe for all of us. But - you will have the opportunity to get out and go for a nice drive, stop at our farm, walk around the farm, get some fresh air and exercise and continue to support local, sustainable agriculture. While we won't have any TP for sale we will have many other items available as well as the opportunity to see the farm, breath fresh air and feel safe doing it. House visits will be off limits, but dog play will be encouraged. We are a no stick farm, so if you do chose to come out, please do not throw sticks for the dogs, We have plastic toys all around the farm that work just fine.
Okay, to wrap up - Thanks again for the support! Joan and I go to bed at night with warm hearts knowing our community has our backs!
We are open for orders. On Farm Pick-up only. Hours for pick up will be noon to sunset. Orders can be picked up any day of the week. SELF SERVICE. Orders can be placed through the buying club, but we will also take orders through old fashioned e-mail. Feel free to email us here with any questions.
Be well, wash your hands, and flatten the curve!

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