Wednesday, March 11, 2020

Buying Club Open

Hi Friends!
I've been down for a little bit (more on that in a later newsletter), but now I'm up again, my legs still work, head on my shoulders (just about), body a little weak, but feeling like I need another shot of Dancing Hen Community! So, what better way than to open the buying club! We have lots of nice Apple Orchard Pork, Pastured Poultry, Free Range Eggs (when they can sneak out around the fox), a lot of the girls out yesterday in the BEAUTIFUL teasing SUN! Also, some very small red and green cabbages. And I'll put a very small amount of spinach out there (overwintered) for purchase, small amount as I need some to build the muscles back up and build up Joan's muscles as well. We're getting back in shape for the long haul of the upcoming season. I think I can do some red onions and potatoes as extras to add on.
So, time to go get some really nice breakfast smoothie!
Lastly, we've gotten a really nice return on our opening for the 2020 CSA. We've received many deposits and will be crediting your accounts shortly. A very big thank you for the early season support. That support goes a long way to get us up and going!
More news will be coming shortly.
Be well friends!
Farmer Don

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