Thursday, March 26, 2020

Farm Update, March 24,2020

Hi Friends,
A quick update from the farm. Hope every one is holding up okay with isolation in place and much scary and sad news coming at us from all sides.
Here on the farm, Joan and I continue to feel and well appreciate the cards and well wishes coming our way. We can feel the positive energy and are doing our best to rebound it out to all of our farm friends!
Isolation on the farm, at this time of the year, is something that involves tasks lists with the push to get the season started. Last Saturday was filled with tractor work, running the chisel plow to begin the process of planting bed preparations. Sunday was and is a day of rest and the weather Monday was, well, the weather, snow , sleet and a cold rain. But, the seed order arrived and now every day can be a seed house day. As today was. The seed house train is on the tracks. Brussels Sprouts, Celery, Scallions, Leeks, Parsley and Chives are on the train and heading the station. WooWe!
And inside the farmhouse, for me, the kitchen has become a zen den! I'm sure many of you can say the same thing! Planning meals for the week, then spending quality time in the "den" getting in the groove, great music in the background, flavors and smells all around. Sunday was a Turkey day for the farm. Back around the Thanksgiving holiday, we qualified for a free turkey from the grocery store, so I said okay, we can eat some and the rest can go for dog food. (I make my own dog food for our puppies) So Sunday was Turkey Day. A great long cooking day, slow and low, nice aromas filling the house. Then Monday, boil the bones day to make a healthy stock. I mean what else is there to do. Might as well cook and make it count.
To wrap up, local, sustainable food is available all around us. For us Forks Farm London Broil is on the menu this week. Can't wait to cook that. Tammy's Superfood Kimchi is a winner for me and easy to get at the Forks Farm Market. Salmon also from Wild for Salmon with curbside service. And to take a day off from the kitchen, let the Blind Pig cook up a fantastic dinner for you! For us, our Buying Club is open for orders. Again we are doing self service, farm pick up only. And we can be flexible with pick up times and dates. Hikes around the farm during pick are also encouraged. A good source of air and exercise. Come ready for mud if you choose to hike as it is mud season here.
Finally, everyone, be safe out there, and if there's anything we can do for our community we will. Right now we have a nice selection of food for you, just order and come on out.
Thanks again for the support, be well,
farmer Don

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